Andrew Mohr


Admitted to bar, 1980, Washington, D.C.

Education: Tufts University (B.A., magna cum laude, 1976); National Law Center, The George Washington University (J.D. with honors, 1980).

Member: District of Columbia Bar Association; Federal Bar Association; District of Columbia District Court; Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia; United States Court of Federal Claims; Federal Circuit Court.

Experience: 1980-1981, Associate, Law Offices of Eric Meierhofer; 1981-1982, Partner, Meierhofer, Steinfeld & Mohr; 1982-1985, Associate, Cohen Mohr; 1985-present, Partner, Cohen Mohr.

“I’m one of those guys who always needs to know exactly how things work, how all the pieces fit together. So helping clients unravel business problems involving interactive media or software is a challenge I enjoy. Structuring a legal framework that works in a business context. Finding the optimal interface between legal and business goals. I approach every deal as a complicated puzzle, in which there are any number of ways to put the pieces together effectively.”

“High-tech companies — those that are developing next generation technologies — require a more creative approach to business partnerships and contractual agreements. Every deal we handle presents a unique set of technical requirements and competing business interests. Our ability to handle these complicated arrangements comes not just from having done many like them before, but also from knowing how to look at each one individually, identifying the opportunities and obstacles that are central to the deal and finding ways to create a structure or framework that works in that context.”

“I’m as much a business consultant as a lawyer for my clients. In organizing a company’s business interests, drafting an agreement, or evaluating new opportunities, we’re inevitably going to talk about the factors influencing the legal decision. What is the deal worth? What are each party’s negotiating strengths and weaknesses? What is the competition doing and why are they doing it? To advise a client on legal alternatives, you have to be able to factor in all of these variables and work with them intelligently to obtain a practical solution.”

— Andrew Mohr